Is your fear of failure crippling your business?

Let’s get really real for a second, shall we? I have this feeling that something is really killing your business – causing massive delays in your success and creating a sense of doubt inside of you day in and day out.

That “thing” that is killing your business is called fear of failure. That’s right, you are afraid of getting out of your comfort zone and really pushing yourself to your fullest extent. You’re not speaking up for yourself and what you want, and you’re definitely playing it small.

Fear of failure is a real thing – there are so many of us out there who suffer from this debilitating belief that causes our businesses to literally crumble right in our hands. I’ve been there, and I’ve done it all. I’ve found myself unable to step outside of my comfort zone because I was afraid that if I did, I would fail. Fall flat on my face. Disappoint myself (and probably worse – someone else in my life). And that was super scary.

When I decided that I was going to stay in my comfort zone and operate out of the fear of failure, I played my business extremely small. There was no stepping out and doing something that would expose me to the world around me. People didn’t even know me or what I had to offer. Why? Because what if that one thing that I did that wasn’t the “norm”, was criticized or didn’t work out? Then where would I be?

Instead of really creating massive growth in my business (and inside of myself), I found myself losing out on a great deal of potential. My business stayed stagnate, and I was unable to truly see how I could ever move forward and create the momentum I needed to really excel in my business. Also thinking about all of the women, who I wasn’t helping because of me hiding behind my fears…

And that’s exactly where you might be right now. You’re sitting on your fears and letting those fears control every single part of you and your business. You might be blaming outside circumstances for your lack of success instead of focusing on what really matters: looking inside of yourself and evaluating what it is you’re doing/not doing that is paralyzing you + your success.

More times than not, you find yourself in the fear of failure mindset because you’re overthinking. You’re overthinking every step, every decision, every move you take – will it be good enough? You might even say that you are a perfectionist, wouldn’t you? Will people love your work or hate it? Will people want to work with you? In the worst case,  overthinking can result in panic attacks, anxiety attacks, or even physical symptoms like headaches or stress-eating.

Your overthinking can cause you to completely standstill and take no action at all.

So what happens when you truly operate out of the fear of failure? Nothing.

You. Remain. Where. You. Are. Now.

Nothing happens, you go nowhere, and your confidence is lower than you’ve ever seen it before! In the long run, fear of failure will cost you opportunities, freedom, and income!

Really think about this: when you operate out of the fear of failure, you will see long-lasting effects well into your future, not just in the present. And if you don’t ditch the fear of failure right now, you will find yourself going into the new year with a mindset that cripples you rather than empowers you! Things will actually get worse, because as more time passes, your fears will strengthen. If you don’t take action now, it will only get harder for you to crush those fears once and for all.

Your goals that you set and those dreams you visualize could slip by with another year of doing nothing and taking no action – is this really where you want to be? When we allow ourselves to stay in the same space of fear, anything that we hoped to accomplish in the coming year becomes a distant dream and fading thought…

But it doesn’t have to stay that way – now is the time ditch the fear of failure and embrace your power from within. It’s your time – your time to shine as bright as every light you’ve ever come across and make massive power moves into the new year!

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Are you ready to make the rest of your life the best of your life? Let’s let go of those fears that are holding you back and open up space within for some incredible things to happen!!!