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Why your business is virtually non-existent and how to fix it NOW!

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Women are some of the most indecisive people I know!!

Making decisions is one of the most common things we do as women throughout our day (sometimes it feels like that’s ALL we do) – what’s for dinner, where to go on vacation, what to invest in next… You name it, us women have to decide it! SO FRUSTRATING!

But did you know that when you have problems making decisions in your business, there is actually one major root cause for not being able to make decisions: you don’t have any clarity at all!

Are you out there doing all the things? Hustling day and night to make your business everything you ever dreamed of? And yet, you cannot, for the life of you, figure out why don’t follow through the hundreds of plans you make for your business, or why you can’t figure out a solution to a problem you’re facing that’s costing you THOUSANDS of dollars?!

Without crystal clear clarity in your business, you will never reach your goals!

Maybe you’re sitting on the sidelines of your business (but you actually think you’re in the thick of your business) neglecting to look at some key pieces in your plan like:

→ Data and stats to evaluate what is working and what is not working in your business

→ Your business plan for the future and what you want your business to look like in a few weeks, months, or a year from now

→ Your marketing plan to identify what pieces you need to start pumping up the volume on to increase visibility and profitability

Without looking at what you’re currently doing and what you want your business to look like in the future, you will never get where you want to go!  

I’ve been where you are and I’ve struggled to actually find what it is I wanted for my business. And if that’s you, it’s totally normal, especially in the beginning stages! But you cannot stay that way forever!! You deserve to have a business that makes you feel like the QUEEN that you are, and you cannot get there without business clarity!

When we look at what exactly business clarity really is we can identify two things: knowing what you want in life and knowing your place in life. Without knowing these two crucial elements in your life, you will basically have a non-existent business. UH OH!

Here’s how to know if you have a non-existent business (even if you have all the “right” pieces to make a business):

  1. You have no idea what your business even IS. If someone were to ask you what your business was you would stumble on the words as they came out of your mouth. There is no clarity on what it is you offer, what your mission is, or who you’re serving!
  2. Your services are a jumbled mess with too many different avenues and no real streamline down the middle! The services you offer are all across the board and offer no real expertise, which is counterproductive. No one wants to hire a business coach who also offers copywriting services + health and fitness coaching + intuitive readings + coding. There are WAY too many options, and you start to look like there is no real field of expertise for you.
  3. Promoting your services is beyond difficult! No one knows what you’re offering because you aren’t promoting anything. And this all stems from not knowing what the heck you’re doing in your business because you have no business clarity!
  4. Charging the highest price for your amazing services is not happening. You’re currently low-balling yourself and bringing in pennies per client because you’re too afraid to charge what you’re worth. WHY? Because you’re not even sure what you’re worth!

Do you know what all of those are costing you and your business right now?


That’s right… you’re losing clients and money in a massive way when you stay in the stagnant space in your business with NO REAL BUSINESS CLARITY!

And do you know the number one reason for lack of business clarity?


You’ve been putting off trying to figure out your true mission, your passion, and the REAL reason for doing what you’re doing for far too long because you’re terrified. You’re terrified that you’re going to put something out there into the world and people aren’t going to “like” it, or someone might not buy from you and trust your expertise.

BUT, all of this leads back to making decisions, right? Remember how women are the powerhouses of making decisions, and yet they have the hardest time actually making them?? Well, my dear, this is exactly why!

So maybe you’re feeling lost and confused about where you want to take your business in 2018. And that’s totally okay because I have an amazing strategy that is perfect for YOU that will meet you right where you are at this very moment to take you where you want to go in the future!

We all need a little help and guidance sometimes from someone who is outside of our own heads. You have so much power within you that is DYING to get out… let me take you to a place where your confidence will soar and your business will change forever!

Being a powerhouse queen means that you are able to go out there and make choices, be decisive, be compelling, stand firm in your decisions, have a crystal clear message, and massive clarity in your business! It’s time to start knowing what you want and what you don’t want and OWNING it.

And here’s the tricky part – follow through. Your follow through with the decisions you make is the hardest part about owning your own business. Lacking accountability and support is what causes you to let major things slip through the cracks, which in turn forces you to lose out on clients and money! So why don’t we skip straight to the point where you get the strategy you need and the clarity you want for your business by hopping on a call together. If we can help you to a place of clarity and ease, we are for sure going to show you how!