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Failure to Communicate = Massive Business Loss

Communication is a tricky thing, love. I can totally empathize with you on that fact. But that doesn’t mean that you can let the communication piece of your business fall to the wayside simply because it’s “tricky” or “difficult”.

Take a minute to really think about your communication skills. Are you communicating effectively + clearly? Are you truly able to express what it is you’re wanting to say without sounding confusing or scattered? Does your message in any and all conversations come across clearly? Do you find yourself unable to reach your target audience?

Or, here’s the big question for you: do you even know who you’re serving?

Whoa. That’s a really terrifying question when you break it down, right? Because owning a business is all about knowing who you serve so you can actually serve them! But if you’re sitting there, day in and day out, wondering why your leads are not coming in and your services aren’t flying off the shelf, you might have a communication issue going on in your business.

January was a big month for us surrounding such a crucial topic in business – clarity! Wrapping up 2017 and starting 2018 with a bang was our number one goal, and I want to get really real for a second with you

Have you been able to make sure you have a clear vision, figure out exactly what you want, identify who you serve (down to their nail color and favorite hobbies), what you do, and how you do it? Or, is that still beating you down and holding you hostage to your own stress and overwhelm?

If finding clarity this month has been a bit of a struggle, and figuring out who you want to serve has been harder than picking out the perfect New Year’s Eve dress, take a minute to step back and really evaluate what’s going on in your situation.

Maybe you don’t have your clarity completely mapped out yet, leaving you with little-to-no idea of where you want to go or how you’re going to get there. If this is you, grab my free Clarity Intention Setting Planner right here and start making those plans you’ve been neglecting! Because I can promise you one thing – when you neglect to get clarity around your business plans, you will continue to lose money + clients!

Aside from getting crystal clear clarity in your business, you absolutely must have stellar communication in your business – both with yourself and with others.

Communicating effectively in your business is beyond crucial to your business’ success. When we do not communicate clearly, our audience is left wondering what we’re even talking to them about.

I know you’ve read the copy out there or watched a Facebook LIVE where you just weren’t quite sure what the person was talking about because their communication skills were completely off! Did you want to buy from them? Did you feel compelled to research them further and explore what they could offer you and your business? That answer is absolutely not!

If that person is you, you’re currently wasting chance after chance of making meaningful connections with your target audience because they simply do not feel like you’re talking specifically to them! How could they know you wanted to work with them and transform their lives if they don’t even know it’s them you’re talking to??

Because communicating your message clearly in your business might still be shaky, your clarity is being affected drastically! You are missing out on opportunity after opportunity to see any ROI (return on investment) with your products, freebies, challenges, etc…

While you may find yourself working hard, you’re working hard + wasting valuable time. You’re putting in so much effort and creating loads and loads of content with amazing value, but who is that value speaking to really? Do the right people even know they need the value?  

There are two main questions a potential client will ask themselves before hiring you:

  1. Is this product/service/person for me?
  2. Does this product/service/person solve my actual problem?

Your messages in your copy, LIVE streams, website, etc… should be answering these questions for your potential clients before they even talk to you personally! If they don’t (or if they find that their personal conversation with you doesn’t answer these questions either), they will not buy from you! They are not going to potentially waste their money on something they cannot fully understand in the first place (even if what you had to offer would skyrocket their success to places they’ve never seen before – they don’t know that).

Do you blame them??

What this all boils down to is the fact that you are not serving the people you are meant to serve! Other people are currently serving your clients and doing the work that is meant for you!

Without clear communication with yourself, your audience, and your potential clients, you lose out on your purpose entirely! Clients are everywhere waiting for you to speak to them directly and show them why you are the perfect fit for them, but you are not getting your point across and communicating effectively!

I know what that feels like – the sheer overwhelm can drive you to question every single thing that you’re doing. And to be quite honest, it can cause you to play extremely small. When you play small, you get small results!!

I want you to bring massive value and clear communication to every table you sit at from now on because you are worth it, Queen! You deserve to have the best because you ARE the best! Own your power and show off the crown you are meant to wear!

All you have to start with is clear communication + crystal clear clarity! That’s your recipe for business magic!

If you’re ready to uplevel your business and start creating communication that leaves NO ONE wondering what the heck you do and actually start putting you out there on the scene as the expert in your field, book a call with our team today!

Your future depends on you taking action right now. What else do you have to lose? Literally nothing!