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Is self-care sabotaging your business?

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Do you practice self-care the way you should on a consistent basis? I’m willing to bet you absolutely do not treat yourself like the queen that you truly are on a regular basis.

Last week I got the chance to take full advantage of my personal self-care, and it was AH-MAZING! I visited a specialist who helps with burnout and how to overcome that burnout when it comes (because it is more real than you even realize).  

But why is self-care so important?

It’s one thing to have a business that is booming and taking off like a Prada purse from the shelves on sale. But what you absolutely, 100% cannot forget is that you ARE your business. And once you burn out from not taking care of yourself, you will start to tear down any progress you’ve made in your business. All of that hard work you’ve done to make your business as amazing as it is will disappear. POOF.

Trust me when I say this one thing – self-care is NOT lost time. In fact, self-care is actually one of the top values in your personal life and should be a top priority in your business. If you don’t practice self-care, you are definitely going to lose out on those clients that you are seeking. They’ll sense that you’re tired, overwhelmed, burnt out, and desperate. Potential clients can smell all of that like piranhas.

Practicing self-care is just as important as the right business strategy. Unfortunately, self-care gets lost in the day-to-day grind of running a business because we tend to put other people way ahead of ourselves – our clients’ needs, our family’s needs, other people’s needs, they’re all FIRST. But if you were to actually look at it from a different perspective, you would see that it is impossible for you to give from an empty space and provide the value you’re hoping to provide!

For example, self-care is like driving a car. When the fuel tank is empty and there is no more fuel, the car won’t run. And you try to turn the key to start the engine over and over again, but all you’re really going to do is kill the car and cost yourself way more than if you had just filled up the tank!

Your self-care is the fuel to your being – giving yourself true self-care is like filling up your gas tank! That tank you fill up inside of you with self-care practices will leave you fueled and ready to go no matter what comes your way. Being refreshed and energized will take you way further than if you go go go in your business without taking a minute to breathe!

But practicing self-care does not have to be super hard and cause more stress in your life! Actually, it is quite simple. With the right action steps, you can give yourself the self-care you’ve been craving without feeling stressed about actually doing it.

Here are 3 self-care practices you can put in place right now in your life that will help you create a habit of giving yourself self-care on a regular basis.

  1. Give yourself daily space. This will help you when you’re exhausted and burnt out with little-to-no motivation to get up and move! There are going to be days when all you hear is noise and motion all around you, but when you intentionally take time to find space for yourself away from the noise, you will find that you feel more energized and ready to take on that to-do list with more motivation!
  2. Set a specific bedtime for yourself. As a business owner, it is easy to work on your business non-stop. Your brain doesn’t turn off as easily as other people’s brain, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay up until 3 am working every single night! Give yourself a specific bedtime so you can force yourself to shut down at a reasonable hour. You’ll be shocked to see how much better you feel in the morning!
  3. Unplug from technology for all of your meals. How many times have you worked through breakfast, lunch, and dinner – attached to your phone and/or computer every time you put food in your mouth? This is not how you want to live. In fact, you started your business to have more freedom, right? So why are you plugged in at all times of the day, causing yourself to feel tied to your work with no real break? Stop doing that right now! You’re not serving anyone living your life this way.

As you can see, these self-care practices are super easy and require very little effort on your part. None of those activities will cost you money, cause you stress, or leave you with more burnout! These practices are just simple but they’re super effective in creating balance in your life!

According to recent article, women make up 35.2% of entrepreneurial activity in the U.S. This is a huge number, but what’s even more astounding is the article pointed out that millennial women are facing burnout much faster than men by the age of 30. Why? Because society places much different expectations on people based on their gender. So if you’re a woman in business (especially owning your own business), the expectations on what you “should” be doing for yourself and your family don’t change simply because you own a business!

You’re tired of feeling exhausted and burnt out, so it’s time to change that! And the number ONE way to change that kind of overwhelmed feeling? PRACTICE REGULAR SELF-CARE!