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You’re killing your business: Uncovering why self-discovery is crucial in your business!

Let me ask you this: do you know who you really are in your business? Do you have a hard time figuring out who you serve and what you truly want to help people accomplish? Is your self-discovery journey still uncovered? 

I know that starting a business can be extremely tough – I’ve been there! But when you start your own business, a piece of you is carried along with it throughout the entire journey.

When you struggle to figure out who your ideal client is or what they need help with their business or life, your entire business structure is unstable. It could literally crumble at any moment if you are unsure and unaware of who you are + who you serve in your business!

That’s kind of a scary thought, isn’t it? No one likes to imagine that at any given moment their business could literally be in shambles. But it could happen (and eventually will happen) if you fail to get super clear on who you are and who you want to serve in your business.

Take a closer look at one of my clients who came to me and said they were struggling with landing their ideal clients.

Time after time they were hopping on discovery calls with amazing entrepreneurs who wanted to get some help in their business, but she could not close a single call to save her life!

It’s like taking the highest + pointiest stiletto you can find and stabbing your business over and over again. And again!

After months of trying on her own, she recognized that there was a massive problem! MASSIVE!

I simply asked her this question: who are you in your business and who do you want to serve?

Of course she didn’t have a straightaway answer, and it led me to the real problem in her discovery calls.

You have a business because you want to serve people – your heart is huge and your passion to see others succeed and thrive is incomparable to others around you!

And there’s a reason why you took the biggest chance of your life to create something as beautiful as a business.

But no matter how pretty your brand colors are, your branding photos are, or your messaging in your copy is, if you fail to really take a look at yourself (who you are deep down inside), then portraying that out into the world so that others will feel drawn to work with you will NEVER happen!

You could continue to have discovery call after discovery call, and you would STILL land 0 clients! If you’re lucky, someone might give you a chance and take a leap of faith because they could feel connected energetically to you.

That’s literally a one in a million chance, and you cannot bank your entire business on whether someone will feel connected to you through their energy.

I know you’re exhausted from this constant cycle of landing a discovery call, having an amazing talk, not landing the client, and starting the cycle all over again every single day!

After all, that’s not why you started your own business, is it?

Do you REALLY want to spend your days, months, and years on discovery calls that lead to NOWHERE?!

Stop killing your business!

So how do you get out of this major deadly cycle that is killing your business?

FIND YOURSELF. You have to practice self-discovery before it’s too late!

I can honestly to tell you (with firsthand knowledge and experience) that uncovering who you truly are + who you want to be will finally help you identify who you want to serve + what you want to help others solve in their business/life!

Finding your purpose and true identity through self-discovery is by far the most crucial piece to your business puzzle that you’ll ever put together!

As we continue to find ourselves and truly dig deep into who we are + who we want to be, we start to uncover truths about ourselves that we didn’t even know existed.

Sometimes we don’t like the truths we uncover, and other times we find out things about ourselves that makes us extremely proud of who are!

And when you are a business owner, it is important to feel empowered and confident in what you’re doing or others will never feel confident in working with you!

Let me know how you feel in your quest for self-discovery in the comments – are you confident in the person that you are and the abilities you have to serve your clients? Or do you still not know whether you like tea or coffee or whether you want to help a client automate their business or practice intentional mindset work?

If you’re ready to take your business out of the death cycle and into a free-flowing, constant lead generation magnet, it’s time to book a call!

Our team can help you uncover what it is you’re lacking on your self-discovery journey to help you truly hone in on what it is you want to be known for and who you want to serve!

Knowing yourself FIRST will be the only way to get exactly where you want to go in your business!