You are currently viewing Are you being selfish? How negative self-worth can cause you to create selfish habits in your life.

Are you being selfish? How negative self-worth can cause you to create selfish habits in your life.

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Self-worth is such a tricky word – we tend to think that our self-worth only has to do with how we see ourselves – our perception of ourselves. However, self-worth encompasses so much more than that.


The problem is that when we have low self-worth we cannot stand up for ourselves. And when we can’t stand up for ourselves, we lose sight of what is truly important to us – what we charge, what we offer, what skills we have. Our clients don’t value our worth if we don’t value ourselves first and foremost.


Your negatively impacting your business if you’re not seeing your true self-worth – if you don’t respect yourself, who will? When you negatively influence your own actions by not standing up for yourself and what you truly believe in, you feel like you can’t compromise at all.


While not respecting yourself is one way negative self-worth can negatively impact your business, you will also find that negative self-worth creates a vicious cycle where you do not show up for yourself/your business/your clients in your fullest potential! This is not only a dangerous thing to do, it is also wildly unfair to all involved.


You are absolutely completely lacking the self-worth to stand up for yourself, to be able to express your message, and that is killing your business!


That intuition of yours is being blocked MAJORLY by your lack of self-worth because you’re not showing up to your full potential.


I can tell you one thing for certain – you are not going out there and showing the world your brightest light that is possible for you. And because of that reason alone, you are actually missing out on a lot of things. You are not helping yourself to the extent possible, and you are definitely not helping others!


Having a negative perception of your self-worth (or lacking it completely) is actually like being selfish – more harm is done than good when you lack self-worth!


Ask yourself right now – am I being selfish? I’m sure that is not something you have ever thought of but it is absolutely something you should contemplate right this second. If you don’t have a high self-worth, you are actually not allowing other people to see their self-worth either!


If you don’t have high self-worth, you are more likely to be a people-pleaser, put yourself last, and always put your needs in queue. What does this all mean?


It means you will never get where you want to go because you’ll never reach the goals you have set for yourself. Why? Because you don’t believe you have it in you to actually do any of it!


This is probably hitting you hard right now, and that’s a good thing! It means you’re resonating with something that I’ve said, and I want you to lean in even closer right now.


I hear so many of you say, “I’m not good enough,”.


This is most likely part of your daily routine – telling yourself that you’re not good enough every single day (and you didn’t even realize you were doing it)! Is that the life you want to be living? Is that how you want to feel? What IS that feeling worth to you to be able to be filled with confidence?


What would it be worth to you to be filled with confidence, empowerment, and true expression of yourself? What would it be worth to you feel like you could stand in your power and show the world who you really were with 100% confidence?


I know exactly what to do in this situation to help you find that self-worth that has been missing like your favorite pair of Manolo Blahniks.


You need clear boundaries! You need to make sure you have time for yourself + clear boundaries set in your business and personal lives!


The first step you need to take right now to get some clear boundaries? Schedule a time right now on my calendar to be able to see what is really going wrong in your business + life! What is it that is truly blocking you from having positive self-worth and creating magic? What fears are holding you back?


If you’re ready to stop letting low self-worth get in your way and start allowing yourself to get to the place you know is meant for you. And yes, this IS meant for you, Queen – especially for YOU!


And because you are so worthy and deserving of this opportunity, I wanted to lay out all of this for you! I wanted to open your eyes to what you’re doing to yourself because it’s time to STOP!


I also wanted to give you something that I KNOW will help propel you forward, especially after our call together – my Top 30 Affirmations to Boost Your Self-Worth! Imagine a life where you KNOW you are amazing and you affirm that to yourself every single day!?


I can’t wait to talk with you soon – it’s time to start knowing how amazing you are so you can show the world!