Hello from Cambodia! It’s been a very spiritual journey here. It got me thinking about my journey as an entrepreneur. When I first started out, I was all over the place. It felt like nothing that I wanted to do in my business worked. You probably know that feeling, you are constantly second-guessing yourself. You are constantly thinking ‘Am I doing the right thing?’, ‘Is this what I should be doing?’, ‘Is there anything else I should be doing?’ or ‘Does this make sense?’ It feels like you are posting in a million Facebook groups and you are looking for so much help but nothing seems to be working. You want to have your business up and running and you want to have clients, like yesterday. Maybe you want to quit your 9-5 job that you absolutely hate, and it’s driving you crazy because you don’t know how to get out of the cycle. You are trying so hard to make it work, but you are constantly doubting yourself. Here are a couple of symptoms you should be looking out for:


Do you have a ‘never’ aspect? Thinking ‘I can never do this’ or ‘this just isn’t going to work out.’ If these are the thoughts going on in your head you need to forces on them and see what is going on. The ‘never’ symptom is very bad because it actually limits your possibilities. You will have a very hard time breaking that cycle. The ‘never’ symptom means that no matter what you do, no matter how hard to try, no matter what content you put out there, you believe it will never work out. That is a huge problem. If you are dealing with that right now, please reach out to me because that needs to be resolved right now. That is going to keep you stuck for a very long time. It might even result in you giving up on your business completely and that’s not what I want for you. It is so dangerous for you to believe that something is never going to work out for you. It can cause you so much anxiety, fear and possibly even depression.


You are still judging yourself, you’re still doubting yourself. You’re thinking that there are so many things you want to be doing, but they only work some of the time. And that probably sucks. The problem is that it’s not consistent, and you definitely want consistency in your business. You want to have consistent clients. You want to have a system that actually converts where A+B=C every time! Just like baking a cake, right? When you add all the ingredients, the same way, you want the cake to turn out the same way every single time. It would be really frustrating if you added the same ingredients and baked your cake the same every time and you got different results each time. These two symptoms are completely different things and it is so important to distinguish between the two. Do you know which one you are? I have a little secret for you. There is a third symptom.


Have you ever experienced this? When you think everything is going to work out for you, but then it doesn’t, you feel like a fraud. You get imposter syndrome. You feel awful about yourself. Then you start judging yourself. That is when you get stuck and you don’t know how to get out. You get stuck in a mess where you always believe in yourself and you are a very positive person. Your mindset is on point. You feel like you are doing all the right things and it should be working out. But it doesn’t. And that freaks you out completely. You might even start to doubt yourself and fall into one of the first to symptoms. It is so important for you to do this self-reflection. Of course, I am here to support you. You need to have a support system. You need to get your thoughts and fears out. If you keep them inside of you, it will show up in different parts of your life. It can show up as anxiety, depression, insomnia, or other illnesses. If you are ready for the next step where you are saying enough is enough. You have been in this cycle for weeks, months or even years and you know you want to get more clients and grow your business. You know that something isn’t working. You know you should be rewarded more for all of the things you are doing, but you aren’t. And you know you are not getting paid your worth, then let’s talk. Let’s jump on a call and make sure we figure out what is going on, why you are not getting paid your worth and why you are not helping all the people you were meant to help.  

Because you are pretty awesome. You have so many gifts to give. You know that, but let’s make sure your clients know that too. If that’s you, then let’s get on free call with myself or someone on my team to talk about YOU! Where you get a full hour just to talk about you, your business, your biggest struggles and completely and openly discuss anything that has been on your mind and on your heart. This is your perfect opportunity to get on the phone with us and discuss all of that. At the end of the phone call, we can evaluate if it is a really good fit for us to work together. If it isn’t a good fit, that’s totally fine. And if it is, awesome, I’d love to spend even more time with you. Make sure to book your breakthrough call right now using the button below. I can’t wait to get the notification that you booked your call!


Jasmin Manke

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