I just spent the past week in Bali. It’s one of those places where you feel at home as soon as you get there. I haven’t had that experience in a while, but it definitely felt that way in Bali.

I’m going to start off with a fun fact. I got obsessed with a fruit called snake fruit, also called Salak. I’ve never seen it before. It looks like a snakes skin from the outside and it is really delicious.

If you haven’t tried it, I really recommend it. Trying new fruit is always one of the first things I do when I go to a new place.

So if you are ever in Bali, try the snake fruit.

Bali is one of the most spiritual places I’ve ever been to. I would consider it one of the most spiritual places in the entire world. It has an incredible energy of manifestation. If you are into manifesting you will understand what I’m referring to.

There is really a connection to the universe and you can touch into your own spirituality and really connect.

When I was there I was purified. I was literally in the wilderness for five hours going through different rivers and different river holes where there was literally nothing but nature and there were 5 specific holly waters coming together to this one spot.

It was an absolutely incredible experience. Taking the time to heal myself. That brings me to the point of this post.

It is so important to recognize that when you feel guilty for doing self-care it is a huge problem. I’ve had a lot of women comment on this recently.

I’ve had a lot of my clients talk to me about this recently and as I work with women that are just starting their businesses online and they feel guilty about it.

That is why I want to address this in a post.

When I was in Bali, we actually had three-hour massages every single day. Which was kind of crazy when you think about it. But these were different massages to help open up our chakras. From the base chakra all the way up to the crown chakra.

All of them are open now, I love it!

If you constantly feel guilty for taking time for yourself, this is really going to hold you back. Because you are not going to fully enjoy yourself no matter what you do.

If you are constantly working, you are not going to be able to enjoy yourself because you’re tired. You didn’t actually allow yourself the time you really heal in order to actually get back on track. In order to reconnect with yourself and making sure that you are healthy enough to actually be a great business owner, and a great mom.

Most women don’t fill up their own cup and they don’t actually show up as their best self. Because they feel guilty for actually practicing self-care.

They feel guilty if they actually do nothing and get some relaxing time. Because they feel like they are wasting time and that they should be constantly be doing something.

But if they are constantly doing something, they burn themselves out.

So you can see how this is actually like a cycle that just goes on and on and on. Where you practice some self-care and you feel bad, but then after you didn’t practice self-care you feel bad.

You see how it feels like you can’t really win?

I want you to check in with yourself right now. The last time you practiced some self-care. How guilty did you feel?

Did you feel super guilty around practicing self-care? Or was it easy for you? Or did you feel like you should be doing something for your business, you should be there for your kids. Or looking after your husband, boyfriend or someone else.

What did it really feel like for you? Most women don’t even realize that they feel guilty for taking time for themselves.

During that self-care time, that relaxation time, it’s almost a struggle. It’s almost like they are forcing themselves to do it. It’s quite frustrating.

If you spend an hour taking a bath, but during that bath, you are still stressed, you’re still not really able to focus and recharge.

It’s just like charging your phone. You need to change your phone every single day.

I know you know this intellectually, but I want you to really hear me on this one. Because so many women forget this and this is such a huge, huge important factor. Especially when starting your business.

Your business is going to take over unless you take control of your life. We have almost become human doings rather than human beings.

We are constantly doing, doing, doing. We demand so much from ourselves that in the end, we have no structure to really be and be 100% with our soles purpose and in our mission.

We get caught up in this hamster wheel of life. Maybe you already left your 9-5, maybe you already started your business, but you are still not feeling incredible.

You’re still exhausted, you’re still tired and you recreated that 9-5 without even knowing it.

Or you think you are taking some time out, but your mind is still on. You are constantly thinking about all the things you still have to do and you can’t even disconnect and enjoy your time.

Unless you learn how to overcome this constant guilt and have a structure for your business that allows you to make more money, so you have financial freedom, AND time freedom, you are going to struggle in the long run.

You are eventually going to end up in burnout. You are eventually not going to be able to sustain it and hold it all together because you built your business on a rusty foundation.

If you constantly build something on a rusty foundation and there are wholes in there it’s going to sink. It’s going to fall apart and you’re not going to be able to hold it up long-term.

My guess is that you want to have your business for quite some time. Am I right?

So unless you really understand the value of self-care, and you stop feeling guilty for doing nothing you are going to suffer long-term. You will consistently be on this human doing path of life.

What you really need is to set some boundaries. You need to have incredible boundaries. Not only as a business owner, not only as a mother but as a human being.

Especially when you have projects coming up in your business and you have kids running around and you have lots and lots of responsibilities. If you don’t have these boundaries in place, it is going to be very hard for you to show up for your clients, for your romantic relationships, or any kind of relationships.

Or even just for yourself. Being the happiest and being the best version of yourself that you can be.

If you find yourself in this current situation, where you feel like you have really been struggling with this. Where you don’t know what to do anymore. Where you feel like you are constantly taking action, but you are not getting anywhere because you are exhausted, you are tired, it’s time to make a change.

I know when I first started out I thought I had to work super hard. I thought I had to work myself to the bone. Whenever I didn’t work that hard, I would feel super guilty.

As a result of that, I wasn’t able to scale my business as fast as I wanted to in the beginning. The first couple of months I was really stuck because I was doing, doing, doing and I was really diving into work.

Almost like you are in the water, and you are swimming and you are trying so hard to get ahead and you are swimming and swimming and swimming and then you suddenly can’t even move anymore.

You don’t even take time to actually breathe and understand that what you really need are consistent boundaries for yourself, for your workspace and just for you as a woman.

If you are currently struggling with those boundaries and you don’t know what to do anymore and you are kind of sitting on a fence of “how do I get out of this situation”, you have not been as successful in your business, you really want to make sure you make more money in your business, you want to free up more time, you want to get more clients, and you just want a way that works, then let’s talk about it.

I would love to offer you a free breakthrough call. On this call, we are able to connect better. To see what is really stopping you. What is actually preventing you from having those secure boundaries in your business? So that you can show up for yourself, and actually make sure that you are able to generate more money in less time. AND be there for your kids and loved ones as well.

Let’s be honest, we all want to enjoy life. We all want to be successful. We want to be loved.

Let’s make it super easy because this is your free opportunity for a call. Make sure you grab your spot right now.

This opportunity is for women who have their own online service-based business who are struggling and they are not sure what is holding them back.

Your time is now! The more time that passes, the more exhausted you are going to be and the harder it will be to get back on your feet and actually build a business that is not only profitable, but that is sustainable and will help you maintain your health.

I can’t wait to chat with you on the call!

This is a free call for you because I want to see if it is even possible for me to help you achieve your dream. If I can help you then I will show you how 100%, if I can’t and I’m not certain that I absolutely will be able to help you get to where you want to go I will still make sure to connect you with the best person that can.

In the end, it’s about you and getting you what you want, so you can finally stop missing out on all these beautiful things that are waiting for you right now.


Jasmin Manke,

P.S. I love you.


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