Please abide by these simple rules to maximize your experience and results in this program and allow our team to best serve you!

Time and time again in this program, you’ll hear us say that showing up is 90% of success. But what do we really mean by SHOWING UP?

In order to have success in this program (and your future business), you need to take personal responsibility for your mindset and your actions – you need to be resourceful.

You must be VISIBLE, PROVIDING VALUE and MAKING OFFERS every single day. This is the only recipe for money and success that works. Everything else is just a distraction. You must identify, take responsibility for, and tackle any gremlins that are in your way so that you can focus on building a business that serves your audience consistently and pays you handsomely.

We are committed to helping you and providing support, but you must learn to rely on yourself, trust your instincts, and take bold actions every single day.


  1. During group calls – it is also recommended that you choose a low noise-level place where you can speak freely.
  2. Please be sure that you are muted with the camera off if you are doing any distracting activities during the calls. This may include smoking, eating, housework, kid-wrangling, etc.
  3. Everything said during group calls should be considered highly confidential. Please do not share any information discussed, or the replay links with those outside of the program.
  4. PLEASE, do your utmost to not be driving during the calls!
  5. For the weekly planning call it is recommended that you have your weekly planning pdf available to you. You can download it by clicking here.
  6. You will get more than you possibly imagined, and learn more than you could imagine by listening to others’ questions – trust the process, take a deep breath, relax.


  1. Please respect the privacy of your soul sisters by not mentioning the program on their personal pages without permission.
  2. Again – 90% of success is showing up – and that includes showing up for yourself in the form of self-care! Honor your needs, pace, and progress.
  3. Our team takes pride in providing a safe, supportive environment for each of you. Aggressive or unethical behavior will not be tolerated – that includes towards yourself.
  4. No copying of others’ content will be tolerated. We are powerful when we shine our own light and support one another, not competing with and copying other women.
  5. No comparing yourself to others, everyone here is in different stages of their business – just show up and focus on your progress.
  6. Post questions about curriculum in TCBA Facebook group, bring your questions to the live calls or email your questions.
  7. Please do not Facebook message questions as they might get lost.

Thank you for your participation, Queen!

Now, go make your next three big steps – get visible, provide value, and make offers today!

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