ANGEL numbers


This is a way of your celestial guide to communicate with you. They can deliver messages through you. Seeding these numbers is one of the ways that angels let you know, that they are present, as numbers are a universal language.

Quick manifestation of your intentions! Be sure to focus on what you WANT and stop over thinking on things that you don’t want. Time to take action! You can create what you want quickly.
Let go of worry + doubt! Trust that everything is working out for you the way it’s meant to be. You are on the right path. Practice self-love.
You are in the creative flow. Nothing can hold you back and you are assisted with whatever you are currently working on.
Angels are surrounding you. You are being guided through what you’re focusing on.
Wow! Massive changes are coming your way! Trust that this transition is for your highest good. Prepare for these shifts to happen and indulge with excitement.
Reconnect to your spirituality. Stop making choices out of fear and scarcity. Pay attention to nourishing your body, mind, and emotions. Lighten up NOW!
Lucky YOU! You are on the ultimate path of spirituality.
Money, money, money. Financial abundance is knocking on your door! Open up to welcome your desired cash flow in $$.
A little nudge to finish something as this will unlock the next step for you on your journey. Get it DONE!
You are a SUPER ATTRACTOR! You know exactly how to move forward. Enjoy alignment at it’s best.
It’s time for a new start! Fresh beginnings of being ONE with the Universe. This is a reminder that you are the creator of your own destiny.

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