The Confident Boss Academy is a 6 Month LIVE Program for Female Coaches who Desire to Attract Soulmate Clients Consistently and Reach £10k Months with Aligned Strategies Leading by Their Heart!​

Imagine This

Say good-bye to…

I’ll be showing you the exact steps I took to quickly create a
7-Figure Coaching Business leading with my heart

Why the Confident Boss Academy?

Hello Magnetic Marketing

Aligned and Organic Strategies

Heart-centred Sales Approach

You will have access to my personal 7 Figure Sales Script

No complex funnels

A mentor who truly cares about you

Ongoing Continued Support

Why the Confident Boss Academy?

Hello Magnetic Marketing

Aligned and Organic Strategies

Heart-centred Sales Approach

You will have access to my personal 7 Figure Sales Script

No complex funnels

A mentor who truly cares about you

Ongoing Continued Support

You will receive high-level and intimate support…

My team and I will have eyes on your business and we’ll be looking over your shoulder

We are here to support you and make your life easier and not add more stress!
Joining is supposed to help you get back time and make more money so you can create a
secure future for yourself and loved ones.

Women join at all stages in life, motherhood, in 9-5’s or full time.
It’s all welcome here.

Success Stories

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What you'll learn

Create A Profitable Niche and Irresistible Offer

Finally showcase your expertise properly – sometimes easier said than done! We got you, Queen.We are here to help you finally stand out online and be CLEAR about your offer and messaging. We will reverse-engineer your sell out offers to keep your audience excited and ready to buy.

Magnetic Messaging and Marketing

Attract Ideal Clients into your Dm’s through Organic Content Strategy that is easy for you to implement while being your authentic self.

Build Your Own Raving Fan Community

No need to have a large following. Most of our clients don’t have an audience and that is part of why they join us at the confident boss academy. They desire to create their own Raving Fan Community that loves buying from them.

The Sexy Sales System Revealed

You’ll get access to  my personal script that generated over 7-Figures for myself and also my clients. Let’s double sales in half the time with more ease, alignment, fun and flow!

Craft your own signature Masterclasses to Automate Client Attraction

Enroll more clients in one go with our proven process Masterclass System, without working more hours and burning yourself out.



Weekly Calls with Jasmin Manke, Expert Success Mentor, 7 Figure Coach and Founder of The Confident Boss Academy

Weekly Calls with Magic Maggie, Instagram Expert – featured by Khloe Kardashian, Boss Babe and Societygal 

Expert Coaches on hand to answer any questions you may have within 24-48 during the week 
members group exclusively for high vibe female entrepreneurs. 

Invite to join our private community of ambitious and supportive female coaches to connect and collaborate 

NEW! Get Monthly New Modules with Jasmin and/or Guest Expert Trainings when you join TODAY!

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What's included?




Or Payment Plan Available

You can join The Confident Boss Academy today and embark on your journey to Time and Money Freedom with fulfilment for

6 x £444 monthly payments

Lock in the lowest price it will ever be

Invest into your Business and Self!




6 x £444 monthly payments

This is for you if

By the way:

You absolutely do NOT need a big following to make more sales and create a huge impact with your business!

I’m going to teach you how to build long-term, sustainable success, and create the business and life of your dreams, no matter what stage you’re currently at.

Hey Queen, I'm Jasmin!

I’m the Founder and CEO of The Confident Boss Academy™.

I have helped hundreds of clients worldwide. From New  Zealand, Netherlands, Nigeria, UK, Asia and all over Europe.

Growing up in Berlin, Germany, my money mindset was shaped at a young age as my extremely hard-working mum and dad built themselves up from zero. My mum fled Romania when she was only 18 and built her own businesses in her early twnties. They were so hard-working that growing up I associated success with burnout and suffering… on my tenth birthday my dad passed away and I was left heart-broken. He was so burnt out and overworked. 

I had to go through my own journey of suffering, as I found myself working in corporate finance in central London. I was massively underpaid, plus I was in an abusive relationship, due to my low self worth…truly I was very unhappy. And I was truly unhappy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Trust yourself. You desire this, want this, feel tingly when thinking about this… We will see you inside! If you have any questions you may send me a message on my instagram @jasminmankecoaching

This course is for women who want to start or have their own coaching or service business and who want to attract more soulmate clients.

We have women start from many levels but in the end the goal is to help you attract more clients that love paying you and bringing in more money while helping people. If that’s what you want then it’s a perfect fit for you.

We are all busy. Life happens AND that is ok! I have so many clients who are moms and are still in their 9-5 jobs or other complicated life situations. The great thing is that all modules are recorded and you can rewatch them in your own time. If you can put aside 3-5 hours a week it will assure you get ahead much faster doing the RIGHT things than nothing at all. There will never be the perfect time so it’s best to make a decision that NOW is the moment you want to commit and keep committing from there

Btw, nobody can be behind here at the confident boss academy because it’s an on going course and you can go at your own speed. No room for judgment here. You are welcome!

YES! That’s exactly what I will teach you. You will everything you need to know from choosing a niche, to creating your coaching program to selling your program and repeat.

Three words. Energy Leaks Module. Jasmin has designed TCBA for women leading by their heart and usually when you care so much about people it’s normal to be confronted by fear or limiting beliefs, doubts of worries. You name it Jasmin has helped with it. From Imposter Syndrome to fear of selling. If you are wanting to up level your mindset then TCBA is the perfect fit because Module one is specifically designed to help you rewire your subconscious and also help you step into your next level identity so you can show up as her.

Long story short, when in doubt, TCBA will sort it out! See you on the inside.

We love questions! Just message me at with any Questions you may have. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for a response!